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A Sales Manager's Guide to Identifying and Dealing with Sales Winners and Losers

You're down on resources and staff. You need to get revenue up - quota is hanging over your head. Everyone needs to pull their weight. You've got a Sales Rep, hired 9 months ago, who consistently fails to make quota. What do you do with him? How much more time do you give them to improve? How much love is enough love?

In this interactive, don't-miss webinar, Anthony Iannarino, Pres. of SOLUTIONS Staffing, and Sales Thought Leader at, and Tom Scontras, VP of Sales and Marketing at Sales 2.0 tool provider, Glance Networks, discuss the nuts and bolts of hiring and firing sales reps; specifically the steps to take to get the right rep at the right time.

Come and partake in the debate, and leave with the Top 5 criteria for investing in some, and weeding out others.

Speaker: Anthony Iannarino is the President and Chief Sales Officer at SOLUTIONS Staffing, the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique sales consulting firm, and an adjunct faculty member in the MBA Program at Capital University's School of Management and Leadership. Each day he writes about sales, sales management, and what it takes to succeed at

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The Great Irony: How Sales & Marketing Technology Will Displace the Laggards

Don't be a dinosaur! Technology has changed whole industries overnight. Automation has brought about great process improvements. Ironically, those of us marketing and selling technology itself could find ourselves displaced by the very innovations which once provided our career path. Join David Brock and Tom Scontras for a lively discussion on how to rid yourself of those Sales and Marketing mindsets and methods which are rapidly becoming obsolete and replaceable.

Speaker: David Brock is a recognized thought leader in Sales and Marketing, New Product Introductions, and Strategic Partnering. David leads business consulting firm, Partners In EXCELLENCE, and is a successful veteran of High Tech Sales in Fortune 500 companies.

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Death of an Outside Salesman: Making the Transition to Selling Cloud-Based Services

It's too late for Willy Loman, but YOU can thrive in today's new sales paradigm! Groundbreaking insights on prospecting, conversational selling, visual sales calls, killer openings, and much more, will breath new life (and new cash) into your sales approach. Get an insider's guide to inside sales in this exclusive webinar.

Speaker: Steve Harper is CEO and Founder of Plan2Win, makers of strategic sales planning software, and visionary of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales process. He is a Certified Sales Coach, and successful veteran of High Tech and Commercial Sales.

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An Interactive Webinar: Turn Your Website Into A Lead-Generating Machine!

Get the inside scoop on how to ramp up sales through your web site in this eye-opening, interactive Webinar. Your host, Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, will present web design principles that work, techniques to maximize sales, and case studies that show the wisdom in action! GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: Email your website's url to us at for a chance to have your site analyzed LIVE during this Webinar!

Speaker: Richard Banfield is CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil (, a leading web design and digital marketing company based in Boston. Clients include Microsoft, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard University, and dozens of startups and emerging businesses. Richard is a web design and usability expert, entrepreneur and business development specialist who has delivered high-level business strategy and global marketing campaigns to clients in the US and around the world.

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Master the Fine Art of Networking to Win Clients and Increase Sales!

Reach out to the right people in the right way. Play to your strengths. Overcome your fears. Do your homework, and target your ideal clients...and the people who can get you close to them. Employ the techniques that transform card-carrying introverts into networking superstars. That's just the tip of the iceberg! Watch networking get demystified in our upcoming Webinar hosted by a true master in the field, Diane Darling.

Speaker: Diane Darling is the founder and CEO of Effective Networking, and the author of "The Networking Survival Guide". She has appeared on NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe. She recently taught in the MBA program at Boston University.

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Priceless Advice From a Battle-Scarred Tech Support Rep

Tech support matters! This Webinar will give you a leg up on the competition and increase your bottom line. Brian Doe's humorous stories, sage advice and deft comprehension of human behavior will change the way you approach tech support forever, both as a provider and consumer.

Speaker: Brian Doe, of Enterasys Networks, one of the tech support industry's stark-raving geniuses, bringing years of expertise and maverick sensibilities to an often unadventurous category.

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Running Your Own Webinar: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success

A Webinar about...Webinars! How to take your webinar from idea to reality. A must-see for ANY small or medium-sized business looking to leverage this powerful new medium effectively. Two notable web conferencing veterans will reveal the practical, best practices that will help you plan, execute and follow up an outstanding, successful Webinar.

Speaker: Rich Baker, CEO and Founder of Glance Networks, makers of the one-click desktop sharing tool for web conferences, webinars, and product demos; and Bryan Walkey, President of MeetingZone North America, offering Audio Conferencing.

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Build Feature-Rich Web 2.0 Apps in MINUTES That Improve Company Performance

Would your business benefit from beautiful, simple apps for online scheduling, catalog pages, visitor info forms, project tracking and more? Goodbye lengthy coding projects, hello AJAX! This Webinar will show you how any size business can easily build database-driven Web apps to deploy on your site in no time.

Speaker: Dave McCormick, Director of Product Marketing at Alpha Software

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Software Sales in '09 - The New Secrets to Success

Software sales cycles taking to long to close? Evaluations failing to close the business? Jump start 2009 by learning new ideas sure to produce tangible results for your sales organization.

Speaker: Peter Cohan, author of "Great Demo!", and Founder of The Second Derivative

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How to Run a Successful Webinar (and Generate More Leads)

Get the straight scoop from a card-carrying webinar guru. Learn how to attract and delight your audience, make webinars meaningful to your bottom line, promote them in novel, effective ways, and prepare breezy, flawless presentations.

Speaker: Ken Molay, president & founder of Webinar Success, a full-service web seminars consulting firm.

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Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter (and How to Create One Worth Reading)

Learn why you absolutely need an e-Newsletter. See how e-Newsletters help generate leads and raise retention. Look at some case studies of notable e-Newsletter successes.

Speaker: Michael Katz, Chief Penguin at

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Drive Leads With Your Company’s Blog

This one-hour Webinar will show you the 10 best practices in company blog development. Do it right and watch your blog become a proven lead generator!

Speaker: Dave Reske, CEO of Nowspeed Marketing

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Search 101: Learn the Ropes From a Search Marketing Guru!

Search marketing is the largest, fastest-growing online marketing channel. Whether you're new to search marketing or have basic knowledge of popular techniques, Search 101 is an engaging crash course in proven methods and solutions.

Speaker: Bill Leake, CEO of Apogee Search, one of the top 25 search firms in North America.

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People Buy YOU: The New Psychology of Selling

It doesn't matter what your product or brand is; what matters in making the sale is YOU. Ultimately people buy from people they like. We’ll show you 5 ways to sell yourself.

Speaker: Jeb Blount, author of "Power Principles," and foremost expert in sales leadership.

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Put the WOW! Into Your Web Demos

Are your web demos effective, crisp and compelling? If not, watch this Webinar and we’ll show you how to put the WOW! into your demos, making them highly effective business closers.

Speaker: Peter Cohan, author Great Demo! and Principal at The Second Derivative.

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