Online Meetings with Glance

Online meetings with Glance are an easy way to conduct everyday business with your team, regardless of where they’re located. Online Meeting with Glance Bring your meetings to life by showing participants what’s on your computer screen in real time. Glance supports Web meetings with up to 100 attendees, regardless of whether they are on Mac or Windows machines.

Net meetings with Glance start with one click! So you can start Glance on the fly during a conference call, or if you prefer, set up your meeting in advance. Participants need just your Glance URL to join.

And Glance’s patent-pending StreamShapingTM technology ensures that none of your participants will be left behind.

Thousands of Businesses Worldwide Use Glance to Facilitate Their Net Meetings

Conduct project meetings, show PowerPoint slides, schedule creative reviews, demonstrate products, share a Visio diagram – any meeting you can do in person can also be done remotely, via the Web.

Online Meetings with Glance Outshine the Competition

  • Guests connect instantly – no software installation.
  • Up to 100 guests on both Macs and PCs.
  • Dependable technology works every time, on time.
  • Flat rate, unlimited-meeting pricing.
  • Exceptional customer service – we answer on the first ring!

How to Conduct a Web Meeting with Glance

  1. Phone your client or prospect
  2. Click the Glance G icon, and choose Start Session
  3. Have your guest browse to your Glance web page and type the 4 digit Session Key

Your net meeting is started! Your guest’s see everything you see. It’s that easy!

Try it yourself for free, or if you prefer, schedule a tour and we’ll show you!


5 Tips for Online Meetings, from Glance

  1. Don’t call it a “meeting”. When someone says “meeting” it conjures up images of wasted hours listening to semi-relevant facts. If you want to get work done in your meeting, try calling it a “working session”. This will emphasize the collaborative nature of your session.
  2. Prepare in advance. Respect everyone&rs time. Prepare an agenda, gather data, make analyses, and draft documents in advance. Emphasize that all attendees should complete their assigned reading or tasks beforehand. Preparation will jump-start discussions and keep the meeting on track.
  3. Encourage participation. Online meetings can lead to participant multitasking or at worst, daydreaming, so establish ground rules for active listening. For example, tell everyone, “Silence equals agreement. If you’re quiet, we’ll assume you agree with what’s being said.” Reward participation by acknowledging contributors.
  4. Show documents as they change. Show the meeting notes or issues log as it changes during the meeting. With Glance you can show everyone what is happening on your screen, even as you type. Glance also allows Remote Control, so pass control of the document to participants, if needed.
  5. Respect time zones. When you’re working with a team that spans time zones (including international), as many of our customers do, be considerate and rotate meeting times. For example, if it’s 11 am in Boston, it’s 5 pm in Germany. The next working session could be scheduled for 8 am in Boston, giving team members in Germany a 2 pm meeting slot.
Glance is a web-based, screen sharing service designed to make online web demos and sales presentations easy. Glance is one of the few cross-platform web conferencing tools on the market, allowing subscribers to host or join online meetings from PCs or Macs, with up to 100 guests at a time. Thousands of companies around the world use Glance for product demos, online conferences, webinars, creative presentations, online training, remote support and on-demand application sharing. Use Glance as often as you like for one low, flat-rate price. Sign up now for a 7-day free trial and see why Network World says Glance is "the simplest, fastest way for 100 people to view your screen".
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Our Customers say…
“We use Glance to conduct project review meetings in real-time. Glance allows us to show our progress to a customer anywhere in the world and they can easily review the product and have changes made quickly on the fly, without ever having to leave their office. ”
Mario Donaldson,
Data & Systems Administrator