Web Demos Are Better With Glance

A Web Demo is a cost-effective way for your business to reach more customers in more places.

Show your screen remotely Any kind of product demo or presentation you do in person can also be done remotely, via the Web.

Glance facilitates instantaneous, dependable, one-click Web demos.

Why Use Glance?

You need the demo to start right away. Since there’s no incentive for your prospect to install and configure presentation software, or get their IT staff involved just to see your demo, you don’t want to derail your presentation with 15 minutes of setup. Glance sets up instantly, using just a browser. Because its so easy, Glance allows you to start a demo on the fly, if your voice-only prospecting phone call seems ready to go to the next step. Why wait and schedule a web conference in the future?

You don’t need distracting bells and whistles. On a sales call, you just want to engage your prospect and show them your product. Glance’s simple interface lets your demo shine without distraction from extra windows, buttons or menus. Sometimes, cumbersome extra features require more complex software, and that means more can go wrong.

You want the focus to be on your company and your presentation. Instead of sending your prospect to your demo provider’s Web site with their branding, Glance lets you create your own customized URL, with your company name. You can even let your guests join your web demo right from your company website, and customize the demo entry with your company branding. At the end of the demo, prospects can be left with your contact info, or call to action.

Glance is the only service designed and optimized for web demos and presentations that sell!

Web Demos with Glance Outshine the Competition

  • Guests connect instantly – no software installation.
  • Up to 100 guests on both Macs and PCs.
  • Dependable technology works every time, on time.
  • Send your guest to a customized web link, or have them join right from your website.
  • Customize the web pages guests see when joining, leave them with your contact info or call to action.
  • Flat rate, unlimited-meeting pricing.
  • Exceptional customer service – we answer on the first ring!

How to Conduct a Web Demo with Glance

  1. Phone your client or prospect
  2. Click the Glance G icon, and choose Start Session
  3. Have your guest browse to your Glance web page and type the 4 digit Session Key

Start your presentation! Your guest sees everything you see. It’s that easy!

Try it yourself for free, or if you prefer, schedule a tour and we’ll show you!


6 Tips for Better Web Demos.

  1. Take a practice run-through.  This isn’t just to make sure you sound convincing or know the high points to hit. It also gives you a chance to make sure you have all the files or software properly installed on your computer and that everything is configured right. You’ll be sure your network is configured, and you know all the passwords. You can make sure there’s no embarrassing content left over from internal testing – yes, we’ve seen this happen in live demos! You’ll have a good idea of timing, and you can keep any applications up and files loaded to avoid start-up times and pauses.
  2. Set up a good Internet connection beforehand  Make sure you have plenty of download and upload bandwidth. When you’re hosting a demo, it’s the upload speed that matters most (there’s a good speed tester here). To avoid any wireless drops, connect your computer directly to your network and disable your wireless interface.
  3. Lower your screen resolution.  We all like a nice big screen when working, but that’s not what you want for remote demos. Lowering your screen size to 1024x768 or even 800x600 means your demo is transmitted much faster to your guests. It also makes it less likely your presentation will be shrunk down and therefore less readable on the guest side.
  4. Go for solid colors.  You know about not wearing a checkered shirt on TV? Your presentation should follow the same rule. Good solid colors compress better and transmit faster than busy patterns. Avoiding photos, gradients or textures in your screen background, slides or charts, will make things snappier.
  5. If something goes wrong, keep talking.  We all have days when the demo gods don’t smile on us. If despite your run-through, something glitches, it’s usually not worth getting distracted trying to fix it. Acknowledge that something went wrong (humor helps here), but move on if possible. If it’s a live product demo, have a backup slide presentation.
  6. Finish with a bang.  At the end, sum up what you’ve said. Leave a memorable or important image on the screen while you do so. Finish with a strong call to action.
Glance is a web-based, screen sharing service designed to make online web demos and sales presentations easy. Glance is one of the few cross-platform web conferencing tools on the market, allowing subscribers to host or join online meetings from PCs or Macs, with up to 100 guests at a time. Thousands of companies around the world use Glance for product demos, online conferences, webinars, creative presentations, online training, remote support and on-demand application sharing. Use Glance as often as you like for one low, flat-rate price. Sign up now for a 7-day free trial and see why Network World says Glance is "the simplest, fastest way for 100 people to view your screen".
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Our Customers say…
“Glance is the best service on the market today, and it’s become a strategic part of our sales process.

“We have used many other services unsuccessfully for sales demonstrations, including Webex and Placeware. Many of these web conferencing services are laden with features and force a conference room full of people to wait up to 30 minutes for set up.

“Glance’s user interface is simple, as well as the service itself. We simply click to demonstrate our software live to anyone, anywhere – reliably and fast.”
Tony Mirante,
Founder and President